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After last Thursday’s lesson with Vittoria Natale and Steve Mason here what is coming our way. Fight the cold with a warm up to Valentine’s Day milonga and more:

  • On January 31st and February 7th, we’ll have Vittoria and Guillermo (welcome back)

  • February 14th is our FUNNY VALENTINE MILONGA (It’s OK to start sending us love notes now 🙂

  • Angeles Chanaha and Hugo Mastrolorenzo (straight from Argentina) will hold the floor from February 21st through March 7th

  • We got a good venue for a Saturday milonga on March 30th, thanks to the nice folks at CJDS. Stay tune for a theme or suggest one.

Viva Tango is sending its condolences to our own; Danelle Knapp for the passing of her mother this Sunday.

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