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If you’re reading this, we guess the Mayans didn’t get you either. Hmmm. We’re all alive and kicking.  We’re all in a holiday mood.  We’re all in party mode. Clearly, there’s only one thing to do – keep on partying with the kickin’ program we have planned for this Thursday December 27th.  Kelly Ray will be demonstrating his technique for capping your tangos with those big, dramatic, picture perfect endings.

If you can’t parlay that into romance by New Year’s Eve, you might want to double check that alive and kicking function.

The yoga class which preceded us at the Suzanne Patterson Center has gone on hiatus for a year.  Our start time moves back to 8 o’clock and will stay there.

Thanks to all of you who came out for our Holiday Milonga.  We had a really fabulous time.  Join us at 8 on Thursday to continue partying while the holidays are still upon us.  We promise it will be a kick.

All of us at Viva wish you and yours the very merriest, holliest, jolliest, kickin’ Christmas ever.

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