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The end is near for many things – the year, the mad shopping marathon, your mother-in-law’s annual visit, possibly even the world, and our sequence of lessons on turns.

Join us at 9:15 tonight when Marcelo ‘ChuLo’ Manfredi and Michelle Dougherty wrap up with the most critical turns of all – when you have no space on a crowded dance floor. That’s at SPC. Admission $12 or $10 for students with ID.

We can’t do anything about the end of the year or your mother in law, but we can certainly help with the shopping.  Viva has gift certificates available for our Tango Boot Camp; Beyond the Basics. 

As for that end of the world thing, we have plans for that. Next Thursday, December 20th, is our Holiday Party Milonga. It’s going to be the (possibly) last, (definitely) best party evah. You really can’t sit home watching reruns of the Grinch while that’s going on.


       Boot Camp                                Directions to SPC