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If you’ve had that room emptying argument with your brother-in-law and suffered in line at the Black Friday sales, you’re cleared for takeoff. It’s time to have some holiday fun. And we’ve got tango fun planned for you.

First up we have ChuLo and Michelle at 9:15 on Thursday.  Their topic this week is powerful, dynamic turns–how to get into them, get out of them and make it all look effortless.

Next, we have a Holiday Party Milonga on December 20. What if the Mayans were right? What if the world is coming to an end on December 21? There’s only one thing to do: party like there’s no tomorrow! You really can’t miss this one.

And finally, to hedge our bets in case we all make it to the New Year, we’ve got a Tango Boot Camp on the weekend of January 5th and 6th–Beyond The Basics.

See? We’ve thought of everything.

It all takes place at the Suzanne Patterson Center.

 Directions to SPC