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Alas, there will be no Halloween Party for us.  We have to cancel because the Suzanne Patterson Center has no heat and no light.

We hope you are all snugly in your homes, safe and sound.

If you need a tango fix (and who doesn’t?) we can recommend three places that have fared better than Princeton in the storm:

Vittoria and Guillermo have a Halloween Milonga tonight in Marlton, NJ.  See http://www.argen-tango.com/?page_id=50 for more information.

Meredith Klein has a milonga Thursday night in Philadelphia.  See http://philadelphiatangoschool.com/milonga.html for information.

Lesley and Kelly have a Masquerade Milonga with a class Friday night in Philadelphia. See http://philadelphiatangoschool.com/milonga.html for information.

See you all next week.

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