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We’ve got a lot going on tonight. It’s the last lesson in our Beginner Series and quite a lesson it is. Lesley Mitchell will spend the first 45 minutes on walking to the cross and the next 45 minutes on molinetes. Then the beginners will be graduates and Nelly will have some special cakes to help celebrate. We will invite the new graduates to join us for the intermediate lesson and the practica. If you can remember how scary your first time was, you’ll know what to do.

Then the intermediate lesson starts at 8:30 with Lesley’s easy/difficult molinete challenge. And finally at 9:30 our practica starts with great snacks and fabulous music.

Now it gets complicated:

If you would like to shore up some of your basic tango skills, come at 7 o’clock and take both the beginner and the intermediate lessons. Pay $25 for all the lessons and the entire night (unless you’re already a pre-paid beginner, in which case you’re all set.)

If you would like a refresher course in molinetes from a superb teacher (and who doesn’t need that?), come at 7:45 and join the last half of the beginner lesson followed by the intermediate lesson. Pay $12 for the entire night or $5 if you’re a full time student with ID.

If you’re pressed for time or just plain satisfied with your molinetes, come at 8:30 for the giro/molinete challenge. Also $12 for the entire night.

If you’re confused, Dennis and David will be conducting a symposium in deciphering the emails. Coming to a location near you very soon.

If you’ve read this far, mark your calendars for our next milonga, September 29, featuring the music of Princeton’s very own Pablo Andrade (who is really Pablo Mosteiro. Don’t ask.)


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