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Pepsi has nothing to do with it. It’s all Lesley Mitchell who continues her giro/molinete challenge tonight at 8:30. The giro is the turn, or what the couple does. The molinete is the grapevine pattern around the leader, or what the follower does. There will be an easy turn and a difficult one. If you’re really good, you’ll be able to do both. If you’re really, really, really good, you’ll be able to do both as a leader and a follower. Come at 8 and have something to eat before you test your tango skills. You’ll need to keep your strength up.

Now and again one of our dancers waxes poetic on the subject of tango. That’s exactly what Mary Ann Smorra did in this very well written article. We hope it helps to clarify your own thoughts about what tango means to you.

Everything happens tonight, starting at 8, at the Suzanne Patterson Center. Admission is $12 or $5 for full time students with ID.

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