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If you want to secure your place on the 2016 Olympic Tango Team, you need to start training immediately. Rio beckons.

Fortunately we’ve got the perfect coach for the tangathlete. ChuLo (whose team won gold at the San Marino Olympics) will be on hand Thursday at 8 to get us started with that all important teamwork.

If you know any tango wannabes who hope to qualify for the Team, please tell them our Beginner Tango Lessons start on August 23. Click the link for complete information.

Here are pictures of the medal ceremonies from last week. By the way, we never name you or geo-tag you in our photos. We wouldn’t want to jeopardize your place in the Witness Protection Program, even if you are an Olympic headliner.

August 9, 2012



Beginner Lessons                                           Directions to SPC