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We had a great time. Spectacular live music, great food, lots of very good dancers (foremost among them Pennsylvanians Edilia, Fanny and Ted), great energy.  It’s starting to feel like a real Buenos Aires milonga. When 50 or 60 people are swirling around the dance floor, you can start to believe for a moment that you’ve been transported to Argentina.

Special thanks to Pablo Mosteiro Romero for a wonderful performance and to Central Jersey Dance Society for their help and support.

We were having so much fun we forgot to take pictures. These three are it. But there is a video of Pablo’s performance on Facebook which you can see here.

Join us this Thursday at 8 o’clock for a lesson by Marcelo ChuLo Manfredi. ChuLo is   going to do his best to make you think you’re always at a milonga in Buenos Aires. And it’s definitely time to start practicing for our next milonga.