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Ours just has nothing to do with basketball. Ours has to do with milonga.

  • Milonga – the dance, is the most fun you can have on the dance floor.
  • Milonga – the music, is the happiest, most upbeat of tango music.
  • Milonga – the social event, is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as long as we’re talking about March, madness, St. Paddy’s and little green men.

We are simply mad for milonga. We want you to be too. And you will be when you’re good at it. So here’s the plan:

Come to SPC at 9:15 tonight for Chulo’s milonga lesson. Chulo will cover the basics of movement, slowing down to recover your steps in time and the proper body mechanics for milonga.

Come to  our St. Paddy’s Milonga next Thursday. See? The end of the rainbow is just over the horizon.

Come to our 3 week milonga lesson series starting March 22nd.

When you do all that, it’s a slam dunk that you’ll be dancing milonga like a pro.