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That’s what you’ll need to do when Vittoria and Guillermo return this week. These dancing professionals have spent 10 years perfecting the art of Argentine tango on stage and off. They’ve suspected from the beginning that it would come down to two things: Villa Urquiza and voleos. And it has. This Thursday they’ll be teaching a turn with voleos in their Villa Urquiza style. If you need a Villa Urquiza refresher, here’s Hiroshi and Kyoko, the 2010 Mundial Champions, dancing in that style:

If you need a voleo refresher, it’s that kick that can be lethal if done incorrectly or led badly. It’s also that kick that looks extremely inelegant if you don’t get your heel and toe in exactly the right position. You’ll want to come to SPC at 8 on Thursday to get this right. The future of tango depends on it.

And while we’re talking about the future, don’t forget the beautiful one we have planned for you, our (anti?) Valentine’s Day Milonga at Tusk Restaurant.  If you were hoping to eat at Tusk before the milonga, better call right away, 908 829-3417.