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We’ve got a surprise for you tonight. In fact, we’ve got a surprise for us tonight. A surprise instructor.

Well, maybe not that much of a surprise. We’ve narrowed it down to two of the best instructors we could possibly have, Lesley Mitchell or Kelly Ray. Lesley and Kelly have been teaching tango in Philadelphia for 20 years, are hosts of Philadelphia’s original weekly milonga, and will be among the hosts for this Saturday’s Unity Milonga. If you know a good dancer from Philly, you can be sure they’ve taken lessons with Lesley and Kelly.

Both are clear and precise in their instruction. That’s a good thing because tonight’s topic is pinwheel turns from back ochos (that’s a molinete to you advanced tangueros) and rocking turns. You’ll be spinning before you know it, and doing it right.

Come be surprised and spin with us tonight – 8 pm at the Suzanne Patterson Center. Admission $12, $5 for students.