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The hottest, trendiest, most au courant  thing in tango these days is Villa Urquiza style. The hottest tangueros, of course, are Porteños. Wouldn’t you know, we’ve got both!

Vittoria and Guillermo return tonight straight from a Villa Urquiza infused tour of Buenos Aires to teach us just what we want to know – elegant Villa Urquiza style combination turns with sacadas.  You’ll learn how to blend those with pauses in the right place. Think of them as Villa Urquiza style pauses.

Please join us tonight for Vittoria and Guillermo’s special lesson at 8 pm. The practica begins at 9 pm, all at the Suzanne Patterson Center.  Admission is $12, $5 for students.

Oh, and feel free to think of us as hot! hot! hot!