You’re looking good again. We’ve had a major upgrade to our photography skills, thanks to Luba and Wendy. You’ve been nipped, tucked, firmed up and restored to your former glory, just in time to face the relatives for Thanksgiving.  You can see yourself here.  If Uncle Harry starts to bore you, you can even show him.

We wish we could see you in all your new found glamour on Thursday but alas, Viva Tango will be closed for Thanksgiving. We did it for reasons of family, tradition, holidays and, you know, Uncle Harry. Hmmm, we may need to re-think that decision next year. Two weeks without tango is a loooong time.

We hope you’ll miss us as much as we’ll miss you. You’ll come back to us next week on Thursday, December 1st, won’t you? We can be your excuse to get out of another dinner with the in-laws who will probably still be in town.

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