Light at the End of the Tunnel ?

Last week we saw indications that the current surge of Covid infections were approaching a turn-around. This week the CDC’s latest data show that the turn-around had occurred and a remarkably steep decline in the number of new infections has taken place. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting clearer. There appears to be dancing illuminated in that light. Hopefully this trend will continue and a return to dancing can happen soon.

VivaTango rents the dance floor from the PSRC. The PSRC follows the CDC guidelines. The current CDC guidelines state that “People who are fully vaccinated can resume many activities they did before the pandemic. However, people should wear a mask indoors in public if they are in an area of substantial or high transmission”. The current numbers in the chart above indicate that we are still in an area of high transmission, but the trend indicates that we are headed toward low transmission rates again. As soon that milestone is reached, VivaTango will restart weekly milongas.

In the meantime, here are some good Tango news headlines about members of the VivaTango Family:

Junior Cervila and Guadalupe Garcia celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary today. They have taught and performed at VivaTango a number of times in the past and hopefully in the future. The photo below was taken in VivaTango’s lobby. More recently, they have taken residence in Sarasota FL, and have celebrated the birth of a son.

Five years ago today VivaTango held a Reception Milonga to recognize the marriage of Guillermo Elkouss and Vittoria Natale. Guillermo and Vittoria played a huge role in helping VivaTango get established beginning in 2011. Their expertise in teaching attracted dancers and grew the size of the VivaTango family to the point where it was financially self-sustaining. Guillermo and Vittoria moved and are now in Florida just north of Tampa.