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But beautiful

Tango’s funny, or it’s sad. Or it’s quiet, or it’s mad. It’s a good thing, or it’s bad, but beautiful…

That’s what we’re working on this week under Lesley Mitchell‘s guidance -Beautiful walks, beautiful following, beautiful embellishments. Improve the quality of your movement and beauty will follow you everywhere. And what we need most of all to appreciate the beauty is men. Yes, there will be something in it for you too. So come one and all, leaders and followers, to Viva at SPC  tonight, Thursday at 8.

Looking for Beginner Tango Lessons?

Princeton University is offering a 6 week series of lessons, open to the public, at the Wilson Dance Studio starting at 7pm on Monday, June 18.  See the Princeton Tango Club website for more information.

Looking for a milonga?

We’ve got one coming up – June 30th at All Saints with the fabulous live music of Maurizio Najt. It will be, in a word, beautiful.